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New website!

Thank you for visiting City Sights for Kids! I am now blogging at my new author website – please join me at


I like…

I like old stuff, books, hiking, kids, writing, bridges, traveling, stairs, creativity, surprises, learning, a cup of tea, a gentle breeze, fresh air, to be inspired, lists and of course much more that will be divulged through this blog. Each post will explore a theme, which will undoubtedly include an anecdote about places I have visited and things I have done. However, my intention is not to amuse you with my reflections, but rather to use my stories as a stepping stone to introduce interesting places to visit and the ways in which visitors might connect to that place or thing.

The “I like…” model is inspired by approximately 75 museums in the North East region of England that collaborated to develop the website This unique website assists potential museum visitors in identifying area museums that appeal to their interests through trails that explore varied themes from animals and Egypt to sparkly things and free stuff. After selecting a museum trail, visitors receive a printable list of museums with contact information, and an opportunity to rank the trail on a scale from 1 to 10. Visitors can also create their own trails (like ‘books’ or ‘little, friendly museums’), which are added to the site and can then be searched and scored by the public. What is great about this site is that it is all about us – the visitors!

What I hope to include in this blog are examples of places I have visited (or plan to visit) that embody a specific “I like…” theme, as well as ideas on how to engage your child and enhance their critical thinking, questioning strategies, creative expression and observation skills. When applicable, I will include sample itineraries for a particular city, including a disproportionate number for my geographic homebase of San Diego, which is why your input from other geographic locations will be so important! I hope you will join me on this ambitious quest.

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